Caitlin Mae Thomson

Caitlin is a freelance journalist, poet, and blogger. She studied English Literature (BA) at the University of Bristol and will study Gender and Women's Studies (M.Phil.) at Trinity College Dublin in September. 

Bylines include: Safe and Sound, Empoword, Screen Queens, Candid Orange, Ta Voix, Inter:Mission, Helicon, Hercampus, That's What She Said, WACK and YARN.

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The weaponisation of makeup is radical and political in the hands of the queer community, not Kamala Harris

The Telegraph’s highly controversial article ‘Why Kamala Harris is the modern beauty icon the world needs’ reignited the beauty debate among feminists. Whether you believe makeup is intrinsically oppressive or empowering, you cannot deny the article was laughable for its characterisation of Harris’ simplistic makeup as a political tool or as the sign of a beauty icon. Feminist theory and discourse have centred around the implications of makeup for heterosexual, cis women for far too long.